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Giving Voice to the Silence and the Silenced

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9/5   Man Reinventing Manhood in Arts
In conversation with Mark Zimmermann, Khang Bao Nguyen and Dan Kwong


YoutTube  Recording

9/13   Amanda Maciel Antunes studio visit sharing her work in progress and thoughts on otherness


9/19   No Privilege -No Path, No Power  In live dialogue with Linda Vallejo and Kalpana Vadnagara on starting and  maintaining an art career as a woman of color


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The Deermaiden 1.0

The Deermaiden was first written and conceived by Sharon Kagan as performance art in the 1980s. The time finally felt right. This time it was reimagined as a community-sourced video. We sent out personal invitations, posted on social media and websites for open calls asking anyone who was interested to chose a part or write their own story. We had no idea what we would receive or how it would turn out.
The concept of The Deermaiden is that there was a moment in ancient history when the oracles and wise women deemed it was necessary to go to the forests to preserve their wisdom so that one day women who wanted/needed the teachings could learn. The piece asserts that this is that moment.  We see woman after woman being called to the forest in order to heal and be restored by nature and the Deermaiden.

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What is Your Version of Reality?   1.0

 Planetary Drama in Three Acts

USA based artists are answering visually the question that examines our current sense of normalcy and diverse perspectives during the Covid 19 isolation.

The video mosaic is conceived as a planetary drama in three acts. Tile formatting is referencing both Zoom and patchwork with imperfect pieces brought together in the 28 min long video. 

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Maiden LA

"Deermaiden" premieres on 9/11/20

What began as a response to the isolation of COVID-19 has become an ongoing collaboration.  Snezana Petrovic and I, Sharon Kagan, made our first video as part of Call and Response, an online exhibition.

Maiden L.A., a citywide exhibition that began as a response to the Hammer Museum exhibitions, Made in LA, put out an open call for proposals and ours was accepted.  And so was born.  Our goal is to give voice to the silence and the silenced. For 20 days beginning on September 1st we will air new video pieces, host interviews with underrepresented artists and present live performances online.

"The Deermaiden" was conceived as a performance piece in the 1980s.  It is even more relevant today.  The video will be a crowd sourced project, telling the story of the moment in which women are called to nature to reclaim their voices, and their power and regain the wisdom of the archetypical feminine.

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Stitch by Stitch

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Stitch by Stitch


This video is a collaborative project between Sharon Kagan and Snezana Saraswati Petrovic created for the online exhibition “Call and Response “ May 2020, Los Angeles. We were working during the lock -down period and in self – isolation responding within 24 hours to each segment for a period of 21 days. We did not discuss the intentions, just responding to the visuals, sound and composition. The process resembled the Thai-chi push hands exercise, where the role of leader and follower would switch spontaneously.

The video is part of a larger project “SOS.Siren” that will be virtually performed and presented in Maiden L.A., the city wide online exhibition in Los Angeles during September 2020. Snezana Saraswati Petrovic and Sharon Kagan with this experimental video explore in a visual dialogue the unspoken hidden meanings behind actions.The creative process was an investigation of the personal boundaries, distractions and normalcy that are silencing us and causing disconnection. We have experimented with new media such as Zoom  via multi-layered happenings,performance, actions, knitting, sound-scapes and text.

Our mission is to disperse silence from the silenced. “Stitch by Stitch” is our artistic manifesto that seeks to give voice to underrepresented artists, nature, women, immigrants, people of color, the elderly and the infirm.

The name SOS-siren references morse code as a call for help and a call for action.  Siren has two meanings; one refers to the irresistible call by mythological, winged women, the other is the sound of emergency warnings.






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